Point, Click And Google Translate Will Now Let You Decipher Text In 27 Languages

Google’s Translate got an upgrade that allows it to transcribe into 27 languages

Google has just announced an upgraded version of its Google Translate app which will allow users to get a near instant visual translation of printed text into 27 Languages.

Users can operate their camera through the app and point it at any printed text they need to translate. The app would then instantly transform the text into the language they prefer. The app will require users to download a small (approximately 2 MB) language pack the first time they choose a language.

This leap in technology is made possible by software called ‘Word Lens’ developed by Quest Vision, a company Google acquired in 2014. Combined with its convolutional neural networks, that allows the app to scour through massive amount of data on the Internet to accurately guess what the translation will be.

Apart from translating visual text to and from Hindi, users can also translate from 19 other languages from around the world other than the original 7 – English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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