NewsReel: Sep 26, 2012 [Google goes underwater, Yahoo has a new plan and more]


NewsReel: Sep 26, 2012 [Google goes underwater, Yahoo has a new plan and more]

Here goes the daily Newsreel, our daily roundup on the other news we thought we should share:

India is expected to attract investment of $ 42 bn in engineering R&D by 2020, read complete story here. Sounds great for country with very less amount spent on Research and Development.

Government restrictions on the Internet have risen across the world over the past year, read complete story. India is also not behind and has been trying hard to control the web in recent past.

After two months at the helm, new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer held a meeting with employees to announce her turnaround plan for the company, read complete post here. Hmm, hope to see a real turnaround for otherwise struggling Yahoo.

Google Maps now displays Street View-ish images of the Great Barrier Reef and popular underwater spots around Hawaii and the Philippines, read complete post here. Lol, now can you fish without getting your hands wet?

After US & UK, Google TV plans to make its mark in France on September 27 with the launch of Sony’s NSZ-GS7 set-top box, read complete post here.

How Google India is driving  pre and post sales support for the 2012 US Presidential Elections, read complete post here. So much for all the anti-outsourcing rhetoric.

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