Google’s IPTV service in India?

Google cooks something new every fortnight, but here we have put our effort to take you through the plans and other upcoming ideas in Googleplex.

In the recent development, we have heard of Gmail offline avatar, (yes Goog is building an email client which will enable you to access your emails and contacts offline, just like the way you do with Outlook.) as well as GPhone.

These are Google’s global plans, what about the Indian Internet Industry? Here is one speculation – IPTV.

What if Google launches an IPTV service in India? A service which would take a leaf out of Joost and will bring the IPTV boom in the growing Indian and south Asian markets. Agreed that the major roadblock for IPTV in India is the Broadband penetration. To solve this, Google can partner with Indian broadband companies and well, don’t be surprised if we have a 10 MBps bandwidth at our homes in next 6 months [powered by Google].

What’s your take?

A few facts about Google’s India Interest:

  • Google maps are being enhanced and geo location will be imprinted on the Google Maps version for the Indian cities.
  • Google has invested closed to INR 100 crores in the Indian VC industry.

By the way, another rumour: Google is building a PDF writer and a reader, as well as a flash plugin??? Is Adobe watching?

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