Google’s local search and “Click to Call” launched in India

Google India is silently playing with the it’s local search engine and also the “click to call” service. Have a look at the image below.

This is the result I got for “Airtel Bangalore” keyword – and all of these are directed to , which is business listing + review service.


Secondly, if you pay attention to the SERP ads, you will see the “call” icon on the right – click that and you need to enter your number.
Once you click on “connect for free”, you will get a call (no number displayed) from Google and that will connect you the ad/listing provider.

What’s really cool about “click to call” is that it will also boost Google’s AdWords program in India.

Google’s local search is pretty neatly done and I am sure will threaten the startups in local search market space. Google had earlier launched SMS search in India.

What do you think?

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