Google’s Product leader’s advice to new joinees on building trust

Being on a new team can be scary. I run Product teams at Google. Here is the advice I give new people on my team: Your #1 goal is to build trust. You do that by focusing on 3 things…
1. Communication Talk 1-1 with your team. Build personal connections over time – see them and show yourself as human, not just a worker bot.
Show vulnerability…ask for help. Build trust with peers through vulnerability, not just through competence.
2. Consistently score layups Show up to meetings, find easy ways to contribute (e.g. be the note taker), ask questions. Being present is half the game. Volunteer for the least glamorous work, no matter how senior you are. Establish yourself as a reliable person.
3. Get the team (small) wins When your team feels successful with you, they want to work more with you. Small wins count, e.g. writing a product spec doc that everyone aligns on. Pause, call out these small wins and give all the credit to the team.
Do this for a couple months and you will be looked on as a leader on your team!

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