Googly! According To Google, ‘Google.Com’ Is ‘Partially Dangerous’

At this point, we have to admire the honesty of Google! The company’s own safe browsing tool -a tool that examines ‘billions of URLs’ every day, locating and flagging potentially dangerous websites has now flagged “” as ‘partially dangerous’.


The Google safe search tool diagnosis reveals that is or can be a platform for people trying to scam you, forcing you to download malicious software or redirecting to unsafe sites.


Google has further gone on to give information to users to not panic saying “Users sometimes post bad content on websites that are normally safe. Safe Browsing will update the safety status once the webmaster has cleaned up the bad content.”

As for testing details of the website, it was updated on April 20 ( that is today!).

Reminder: Even a site owned by one of the largest technology companies in the world, is practically not safe and shows that browsing online can never by 100% safe.

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