GoPro New Licensing Portal Will Help Creators’ Sell High-Quality Content

Action camera maker GoPro has launched a content portal for marketers to license videos and photos shot by GoPro creators.

GoPro Licensing 1

The company has followed in the footsteps of Flickr and 500px to give creators a chance to make money off their work, especially those who’re able to deliver high-production videos.

GoPro Licensing will not only help creators sell their videos easily but also aid marketers in securing the right copyright while buying one.

The site itself is pretty straightforward. It allows users to preview videos, download files in different resolutions and formats, and search for content.

GoPro Licensing 2

When it comes to the videos themselves, pricing will start at $1,000 depending on the extent of commercial use and distribution. That’s not cheap, so it fits perfectly with the premium, high-end production quality stuff GoPro has been enabling creators to make in the first place.

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