Goqii Review : Wearable Technology Meets A Human Coach.

Goqii Vs. Fitbit? Goqii ecosystem offers a lot more.

Once upon a time, I used to be an extremely active runner. I used to jog the entire of inner ring road stretch (Bangalore) every evening. But then, I started up Pluggd.in NextBigWhat and the rest is history.GOQii Device

I still jog, but that happens when I feel like. When I have time. That is, there is no clear goal/focus area. There is no discipline (I also play badminton early morning 5:30 AM..sometimes). 

Now that I am trying to focus on health, I am looking for an obvious tech solution which helps me measure my activities (a break from sedentary lifestyle).

And that’s where GOQii comes across as an interesting solution. Goqii is a wearable device that helps you track fitness. It’s not fair to call GOQii just another fitness product, but the real USP lies in the ecosystem where your coach plays an important role.

GOQii comes with a coach that helps you set goals Рit could be as simple as drinking a minimal amount of water per day to activities like cycling. The idea is to get you to do things and stay focused.

Goqii Review

How Does It Work


You need to sync the data with your phone or computer using Bluetooth. Goqii uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) for the sync. Once you link your GOQii Band to the GOQii App, your GOQii Band data will sync automatically every time when your GOQii Band is within 10-15 ft of your smartphone/computer.

The battery, on an average runs easily for 3-4 days. Plus, the GOQii Core uses actigraphy, a non-invasive method of monitoring human rest and activity cycles, to examine your sleep quality.

Goqii Dashboard
Goqii Dashboard

The GOQii Band uses motion sensors and a few times I did notice¬†that the recordings weren’t proper, but the team clearly clarifies this:

“..However there are some cases that may measure inaccurately like the GOQii Band calculating steps when you are in a rickshaw or on a bumpy road.¬†While accuracy is important, GOQii Life believes in looking at your health and fitness trends to advise you accordingly. Therefore, we feel that you should not worry if you get a few extra steps or miss a few steps. What matters is looking at your progress over time so that you can work towards improving your physical activity overall.”

The GOQii app is currently available for iOS, Android and Vishal mentions that the WP app will be launched in another 10 days or so.

And in between all of this, the coach keeps you in-touch with your goals! (I do *plan to* cycle a lot).

Goqii Coach : The Much-Needed Motivation :)
Goqii Coach : The Much-Needed Push ūüôā

Why Go For Goqii?

If you don’t belong to¬†self-motivated / disciplined world¬†and need an external push / reminders – go for Goqii! The least that¬†you will be benefitted from the entire experience is the guilty feeling of not having lived upto the promise you made to yourself !¬†

GOQii vs. Fitbit : The Obvious Question

If you are wondering how Goqii compares with Fitbit, well, the biggest USP of GOQii is its ecosystem of coach. How effective is it? My guess is as good as yours Рa coach is as effective as you’d like them to be. That is, if you are really bought into the idea of fitness, with focus on goals and believe that a coach will help you get there, go for GOQii. 

And yes, you cannot purchase just the device alone – which, I believe is a very fundamental decision that the team has taken up (selling device would have been easier). What’s also interesting is that your activity earns you karma points which you can donate to different social causes run by GOQii¬†partners – a novel way to create an overall positivity around the ecosystem.

GOQii Price in India

GOQii is priced at INR 6,999 (+tax) for 6-months plan and INR 11,999/ (+taxes) for 12 months. My guess is that over a period of time, a lot of users might start worrying about the total cost of ownership and unless they develop a great rapport with the coaches, they might just end up using the band/apps alone.

But by then, you’d have known whether Goqii (or for that matter, any other wearable device) is working for you or not.

For now, it’s time for me to run like hell!

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