No More GOSF From Google India

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No More GOSF From Google India

Google has scrapped GOSF, the Great Online Shopping Festival it used to conduct during the month of December, largely because of the heavy discounts running from ecommerce stores all through out the year.

“Our objective was to bring all the leading ecommerce players on a common platform and boost the online shopping industry by focusing on first time buyers. We had never done anything like this before in any country.

Today, India has many flourishing and successful eCommerce companies and there are multiple deal days being hosted by various e-Commerce players delivering great value to shoppers across India. Users don’t have to wait for 12 months to get the best deals online, small and medium businesses no longer have to wait for to find customers from all across India. Success of new categories introduced in GOSF like Real Estate and Auto have today become a norm, and both industries have embraced Internet to sell directly customers.” [Google India]

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