Hey GOSF! Where are the good deals? [Great Online Shopping Festival]

Google created a major hullaballo with GOSF deals (Great Online Shopping Festival) and a cursory look at discovery being made by Tweeps tells us that there aren’t really great GOSF deals available on the GOSF campaign.

It’s not that there aren’t great deals available, but there aren’t just too many great deals available (as of writing this).

For instance, Flipkart is running a campaign on games, but that’s a standard campaign through out the site (and not just for GOSF).

Junglee anyone?

We were sincerely hoping that Google gives Amazon’s Junglee a run for its money, owing to price discovery. But I guess, GOSF was a high expectation campaign than anything else and maybe Google India team just sent an email ‘Hurray! Successful MVP’ to their global counterparts.

What Google will manage to bring?

Doesn’t really matter if GOSF is a super flop or not, more people will go online on 12/12/12 and this serves the entire idea behind the campaign – i.e. create awareness about ecommerce.

But we certainly hope that consumers do not feel cheated by inflated-discounted price on the GOSF day.

What are your thoughts? If you managed to find a great deal on GOSF, please let us know in the comment section.
Meanwhile, here is real-time view of #gosf chatter on Twitter:

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