Forum Roundup: GOSF: Debacle & Goof Ups; Social Media & Politics; Corporate vs Startup & More

For all those who missed out on the action on our forum last week, here’s a quick snapshot of the most interesting topics from last week.


Google Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) was one of the biggest things to happen in the Indian online space this week. Afetr all the hype that it created, did it really make an impact? There has been a lot of talk about the event going on our forum ranging from where and how to make the best of the event, to how a lot of customers felt that it was mostly hype. One of the biggest goof ups was the server issue that happened on day 2.

The forum also saw some interesting activty reagring socail media & politics in the country, Groupon’s take on the Amazon drones and more.

For all those who missed out on the action, head over to NextBigWhat forum to share and find out more. Here’s a quick snapshot of the most interesting topics from last week.

GOSF 2013: What was the Expectations from Google?

Great Online Shopping Festival 2013, in short GOSF 2013 produce a huge hope among ecommerce buyers and sellers last year. Though it was only for one day that time but this year they extend the deals fest for three days. Starting from small to big giants all participated to increase their customer size as well as to increase sales. Myntra, Jabong, Makemytrip,Via, Yatra, Flipkart all expects a big jump for these three days. All generate promocode with gosf and 2013 to sale at a much cheaper rate. Buyers also become happy and they waited for such events. But don’t you think the opening day disappoint us?

Demystifying debacle

GOSF.IN is still down and Google India is clueless.

What surprises me is the fact that Google has not used its own server for hosting this website, rather they have outsourced development and hosting to osscube who in turn have hosted on Amazon’s Cloud Server.

Amazon’s Servers are working fine and one can access gosf website via this url but not via When I checked dns records of, I could not locate any entry which can point to osscube’s server or Amazon’s Server. Anyone could have fixed this issue within 30 seconds by modifying DNS records. Its really amusing why Engineers at Google could not figure out the cause of this bug till now? Its not rocket science after all.

Groupon Takes on Amazon Drones

Should we opt for Amazon reseller services?

We use Amazon EC2+SES+Other Amazon services and are billed monthly by AWS.

I was contacted by an Amazon AWS reseller by the name Intelligrape offering their reseller services wherein everything remains the same except they bill us instead of Amazon.

I frankly have never heard of such a scenario where we can pay to resellers while we maintain our account independently with AWS. Can anyone guide us if we should go for such a thing?

Social media in Politics- a billion dollar opportunity?

This time elections have been so different right! You get to see politics all over your FB wall/twitter feed influencing you consciously or unconsciously!

Social media is a buzzword in politics! Political parties are having workshops to understand how to use this new channel of communication- social media (fb, twitter mainly)!

And this changing political landscape presents our dear Entrepreneurs with a great Business opportunity!

(Comic) A Day in the Life of: Corporate vs. Startup

Psssssst. Hey you! Yes, you… the one reading this. We know who you are.

You’re one of us…

The kind of person who is just itching to make the leap from your cushy (or maybe NOT so cushy) corporate job into the world of startups.

And don’t go trying to deny it. We caught you, walking around the office, talking to yourself under your breath, saying stuff like…

– “I just want to take charge and do things the way I want to…”

life of entrepreneur

Myntra now charges for VAT on the displayed (discounted) products when added to cart

Myntra now charges for VAT on the discounted products in the cart. Unlike other big players don’t charge in the cart but have it calculated in the price displayed itself.

Is it a correct way or are other players losing on the VAT while offering discounts ?

[Pre-Launch] AdShout – Simple Voice Broadcasting Solution

Some time back we had mentioned about working on some of the propitiatory call routing algorithms to help cut down the call costs And here is our very first implementation of it.

We have come up with a low cost Voice Broadcasting solution.

( Broadcast your message anywhere in India, @ just 15 paise per minute )

The project is codenamed ‘AdShout’

Three Things We All Should do Every Day

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