Got scratched CDs? Rub some Toothpaste!

Believe it or not, one of the surest way to play scratched CDs is to use any mild abrasive (like furniture polish/toothpaste/hair gel).

Scratched CDs are a universal phenomena, but there is hardly any working solution for them.
While there are commercial CD repair kits available (priced grossly more than the CD pack), the one that really worked for me is my toothpaste!! (yes, toothpaste)

First of all, lets understand how does a CD reader works:
The CD player uses a laser beam which crosses the plastic layer to read the metal layer. If your CD is scratched, the beam will not be able to pass through the plastic layer (which results in skips!).

So, in order to repair the scratched CD, one needs to repair the plastic layer. And this can be done by polishing the surface.

All you need to do is:

  • Identify the scratched area
  • Put some toothpaste in a piece of cotton, and rub the scratched area.
  • If you still see some scratches, try vaseline or hair gel!! (I am not kidding!)

See the detailed process here and here

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