Ingredients Needed for a Gourmet Meal: The Internet & Startup Cookfresh

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Ingredients Needed for a Gourmet Meal: The Internet & Startup Cookfresh

Ever wanted to cook a gourmet meal, but didn’t have the time or patience to buy and prepare ingredients? Now you don’t have to. Cookfresh, a startup based out of Delhi will do all the work for you. All aspiring chefs have to do is pick a recipe, and Cookfresh will deliver all the ingredients – measured and cut.

Founded by friends Raghav Kohli and Anshul Narang, Cookfresh started functioning in Februrary 2014. They currently are a team of 6.


How Does Cookfresh work?

Cookfresh’s in-house chef adds new gourmet recipes to the platform. Home chefs can choose the recipes that they would like to try out, and place an order for it.

Once the order is placed, the cookfresh team get to work and finish all the preparation needed.


The platform started off with 18 recipes on the menu, and has expanded to over 24 in a span of a month. There is no option for home chefs to provide their own recipe and source the ingredients from Cookfresh.

“The idea at Cookfresh is to make cooking a fun process rather than a headache. We do all the legwork – we choose the recipe and shop for the ingredients, which are then washed, portioned, chopped, labeled and delivered fresh to our customers. All they do is cook using the recipe card that we send them,” says Raghav Kohli.

The Cookfresh team delivers the ingredients in a biodegradable box.

Cookfresh has its own delivery van to deliver the ingredients, doing three shifts a day. However, if you want the ingredients delivered the same day, orders need to be placed before 1 pm.

Cookfresh offers online payment options as well as cash on delivery. The startup does 15-20 orders a day on an average within the South Delhi and Gurgaon areas.


The startup have the pricing fixed at Rs 299 for most vegetarian dishes, Rs 399 for salads, chicken dishes at Rs 449 and Rs 549 for fish dishes. All serve 2 people.

“The price reflects the cost of the ingredients that the recipes calls for. However, we’ve tried to keep a uniformity in our pricing,” says Raghav.

What’s Great about Cookfresh

  • The platform can be a real boon to anyone who is short on time, or is an inexperienced cook.

  • Cookfresh also gives you  the recipe along with other useful information like the cooking time, calories consumer and level of difficulty

The Contentious Issue at Cookfresh

Pricing. Keeping a uniform price across different recipes in a category, will not be something a home chef will appreciate. More so, because the recipes only serve two people.

 So if people want to cook fish for a group of 6, the bill would come up to 1,647. Depending on the kind of fish, the price could be lower. A home chef would also prefer buying say a Rs 180 bottle of soya sauce which would last them a longer time.

Cookfresh will need to work around justifying the thought – “hey I can make this at home cheaper, I only have to cut the vegetables” – that every aspiring home chef will find.

But for those who can afford it, Cookfresh is the way to go.

In the future, Cookfresh plans on introducing a dedicated salads and desserts section. They will also be introducing an organic ingredients menu apart from this.

“We will also be introducing a subscription model wherein a customer will receive 3 boxes on a weekly basis with new recipes each time. In addition to this, we will be expanding our delivery areas to cover all of Delhi NCR,” says Raghav.

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