Now You Can Earn Money By Helping Government Digitise Documents [#DigitalIndia]

The Government is looking at crowdsourcing to help digitise official documents
The Government is looking at crowdsourcing to help digitise official documents

The Indian Government is looking to crowdsource the task of digitising documents through its Digital India portal.

Currently the Government stores scanned copies of official documents as images. This makes the task of searching, linking or sorting them by keywords impossible. The Government is going to break down these images into phrases and words which will be converted into templates for pages being digitised.

After registration on the Digital India portal, you and another randomly selected user would be given a selection of phrases and words to enter into the template. If both the templates match then the document is verified as being valid. In the result of a mismatch another user will receive the data to enter into the template and it will be checked again ensuring verification and confidentiality at the same time.

Each word that is successfully verified will help users accumulate points that can be converted to cash credited to their accounts or donated to others. Needless to say, users will be required to have Aadhaar linked bank accounts. With a decent typing speed users can earn approximate Rs 200 to 350 for 2 hours of work.

You don’t have to use the web portal exclusively either. The Government has come up with an Android based app which will allow users to help in this effort. Currently there are about 2000 users registered for this initiative and the Government hopes that more will join up.

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