Got Humor? Learn From Govind Tiwari

Who is Govind Tiwari?

Well, Govind Tiwari is trending in India (and globally) and if you are wondering why, well a simple and awful answer is that this guy (who wants to be your Orkut fraand) has an awful website:


The site is full of dancing icons, rotating globe and not-to-be-missed Govind Tiwari’s blinking eyes. While this site will remind you of your geocities page, this is an interesting case of how consumers find something funny, start talking about it and the person starts trending worldwide!

This could be a case study for brands who are $pending $$s in social media to look at paid vs. organic creativity.

Most importantly, Govind Tiwari reinforces a belief that there aren’t any set rules for marketing – so stop wasting time and start experimenting.

You – as a startup, as a small brand can take on any big name (as long as you have those blinking eyes! 😀 ).

What’s your take? For now, enjoy these blinking eyes (and a smashing video).


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