Govt Issues Draft Guidelines To Regulate Cab Aggregators

The Indian government has issued draft guidelines meant to regulate app-based cab services like Uber and Ola. The guidelines issued to all states include extensive background checks on drivers in order to ensure safety of passengers.

People who have been convicted in the past for any cognizable offence should not be inducted as a driver in view of the passenger safety, the guideline said.

“We have issued guidelines to states that app-based cab companies should be treated as a normal cab and there should be stringent background checks of drivers employed to ensure safety of passengers,” an official told PTI.

The Ministry of Road Transport has also asked the states to ensure companies operate with call centres, and that the app-based aggregators follow emission norms as well.

“App-based cab companies should not hide behind the garb of aggregators or developer of digital technology. An app-based cab should be treated as a normal cab.

“This will clear the air for states to form their own rules, treating them at par with other cab fleet owners and the app-based cab should be treated as a normal cab,” said Vijay Chhibber, Road Transport and Highways Secretary to PTI. [Source]

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