GradesDontMatter is teaching youth what colleges should have

Grades Don’t Matter is an online alternative education platform where India’s best industry experts teach you the necessary skills and demystify careers for which you don’t need a mark sheet. There are 300+ video lessons for around 30+ alternative careers such as Public Speaking, Beat-Boxing etc – from the very known celebrities like Raghu Dixit, Nitesh Tiwary, Amish Tripathi etc.
Driven by star power of Varun Agarwal (yeah, he really is an extremely popular name among youth), the app has 32,000 users, 30000 app downloads and about 3000 paying users within 20 days of the launch.


Adds Ashish: Varun has timed it quite well – he is an extremely popular face among youth and given his proximity to celebrities/stars, he is the only one who can pull this off. I certainly hope that this will help several (confused) youth find their true calling / explore alternative career.
Having said that, the current version to me seems like a 101, i.e. intro courses – most of the basic learning content can be found on the web. What I look forward to is set of detailed courses (think on the lines of Shankar Mahadevan academy) and eventually making of an alternative education system.
Way to go!

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