Startup Jobs: Director, Graphics Designer, EIR, Developer..more

Startup Jobs:

  • Director
  • Graphics Designer
  • Entrepreneurs in Residence for iAccelerator
  • Job with an Incubation Centre
  • Developer
  • Adobe Flex AIR Flash Developer

More Startup Jobs

Job Seeker:

  • Technical Lead

More on IIM A’s iAccelerator program

This post is for those individuals or teams of two, who are entrepreneurs at heart and are interested in setting up their enterprise in the ICT sector (mobile, VAS, IT, web or communications) but don’t have a compelling plan right now.
Who Should Apply:
1. People with Enthusiasm & knowledge/experience in the ICT space
2.EIRs should ideally be from both technology and business background.
3.Commitment to being an entrepreneur (should be willing to postpone their gratifications)
Apply with a brief profile of the team members with contact details and Broad areas withing the ICT space which interest you. – Details

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