Gravitational Occurence or Mayan Prophecy? – Business Opportunity for some!

First thing, first. This is not about Solar Technology Startups, nor about the Indian Govt. initiatives on green energy. Its about “a Mayan Prophecy about a point of time when the world is predicted to change from what it is today into something else”. Yes! A prophecy based on Aztec calender (A calendar based on Solar Cycles) that has been covered by media all across the world in many interesting ways. Search for 21st December, 2012 for yourself.

So what is special about 21st December, 2012? And how are people using this opportunity to make some real money? Well here is the online countdown page for the special day and a few who are selling T-Shirts, Books and Equipment to help you tide over the doomsday – into the next World age. P.S:Indian online sellers may wake up quickly, too!

Now there is a lot of theology explaining the event, but for some strange reasons, I’d like to believe in the Gravitational Significance more than on the theological ones. Here is an interesting description of how the Mayan calender works. It is noteworthy to observe how intricately the calendar calculates the earth cycles using fine Orbital Shifts, Solar Flares, and other tiny little Gravitational parameters which only people with astronomical intellect can understand. Gravitationally, the date is noted as the end of the ‘long count‘ where earth is positioned exactly between Jupiter & Sun – two heaviest of objects in the solar system.

Now can someone please tell me how the Aztec Calendar discovered on a piece of rock claim the end of the world so profoundly? And how could the Mayans be so hi-tech in astronomy as to account for Orbital & Polar Shifts in their long-count calendar? Lastly, is the gravity of the two objects – Jupiter & Sun – really gonna stretch us out flat? Or would it be yet another opportunity for money-bees to sell a lot of merchandise while helping you tide over the impending tragedy. Looks like another win-win situation, is it? 🙂

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