The Great American Dream [GMAT, IVY League And All Things Between]

Is MBA a Journey?

Here is a regular GMAT MBA question which takes you to the renowned Ivy League B-Schools: “What is your career vision and why this choice is meaningful to you?“.

Once answered well, it will take the competent applicant into the desired B-School. Else there is also large platter of lower rung colleges out there, and a host of other countries which too accept GMAT scores and attract the talent to themselves. The talent which on the other hand struggles to go up the corporate ladder, seek better life and ultimately satisfaction to one’s soul.

The typical Asian dream, that is.

So here is the question: Do you get it all after that MBA?

Some Data Points:

I spoke to several MBA’s in last couple of weeks and after some initial display of defense most caved in to reveal some interesting cracks in the machinery available worldwide.

Here is a typical perspective hidden away within the hearts of many MBA graduates who finished school in last couple of years: “It’s a 06 month outdated course-work stretched to 02 years length leaving 0.5 crores loan on one’s head where you are pretty much turned into a machine part and forced to live in corporate inefficiency simply to emerge out of the loan.”

Uh oh. Yes, you read it right. In fact several guys from top-notch B-Schools said they almost quit pursuing the course mid-way or freaked out after the first few weeks of outdated meaningless “crap”. Lol. Seriously? And I asked why so? Bla bla bla, it goes on … comes in family issues, comes in peer pressure, and then what are the other available choices anyway?

Obviously these rants means nothing to the incumbent system because they are thoughts from individuals after all.

But then if this casual statement underscores most graduates from IIMs to ISB to State Universities in US to Ivy League then for sure, there is a genuine problem. Why else would one dare to think beyond IIMs otherwise? For some friends of mine, the reason to go to United States was better life, better opportunities but the shocks of economy didn’t help them either.

Visa issues in America compounded the problems even more. In effect the value obtained by most was essentially international exposure, art of selling perhaps, and a little higher probability of getting a high-pay job when the recession recedes.

The Bigger Picture. Let’s start from a statement from US President a few days back: “US President Barrack Obama warned that the US economy could head into a ‘double-dip recession‘ unless urgent steps were taken to rein in mounting public debt.

The wall of debt is rising, and “that’s when the economy begins to recover briefly from a recession only to be dragged back under ” confirmed president Obama. via.

Okay. Now assuming that odds are in favor of another major recession what choices do us Asians have in life? Especially those who have the metal inside and cannot sit idle?

What choices does a young brat here have in life? Well some countries like China have already begun thinking in favor of themselves by obtaining self-sufficiency w.r.t opportunities. But where are we, today? Indians. Indian Government.

The body of Corporate Management. The layer of old men who lead. What are they thinking?

A Little Chocolate for Young Indians?

What would you prefer?

1. A pursuit of an MBA or other machine sponsored avenue to earn international education and then earn a living. Be submerged in half a crore loan and be constantly nagged by uncontrollable economic shocks, other issues and perhaps retire?


2. Pursue a dream of yours by enterprising and accept uncertainty because it is anyway there? May be your loan wouldn’t go higher than 20,00,000. Has anyone heard of a businessman dying hungry? Or is there something else too? Any clues.

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