Great Offers Need Different Marketing

The simple truth is that marketing happens in milliseconds, not months.

According to Time magazine, the average website holds visitors’ attention for a mere fifteen seconds. Instagram reports people spend less than ten seconds on a post. And what about more tactile marketing? I’ll bet you riffle through your junk mail at warp speed.

Try this. Right now, blink as fast as you can. That blink you just did took longer than a tenth of a second. The average blink is—get this—two hundred and fifty milliseconds. Thoughts can be spawned and acted upon in less than one hundred fifty milliseconds.

Successful marketing happens in a mere blink. Your prospect blinks and moves on or, if you do it right, stays. You need to win the blink.

The key to successfully marketing in milliseconds is simple: Be different so that people must take notice. Be different enough that the hardwired part of the human brain forces the prospect to contemplate and consider what they are seeing.

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