Indians Are the Greenest in the World

As per a survey conducted by National Geographic and the international polling firm GlobeScan, Indians rank number 1 when it comes to preference for green.

On housing, Indian consumers rank second only to Brazilian consumers. The margin between these two groups has narrowed this year as Indian performance on this measure improved by 11 points.

Factors contributing to their high ranking include a low incidence of having home heating (41 percent) and hot running water (38 percent) and a high incidence of using on-demand electric water heating (45 percent among those with
hot running water), using solar energy to heat water (15 percent), and purchasing “green” electricity (34 percent, up 10 points from the past year).

This study had a sample size of 17,000 consumers in a total of 17 countries (14 in 2008) and people were asked about behavior as energy use and conservation, transportation choices, food sources, the relative use of green products versus traditional products, attitudes towards the environment and sustainability, and knowledge of environmental issues.- more

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What’s your opinion on this study? To me, it looks like another example of superficial market research/wrong sampling.

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