GreenMango – The Place to find Service Providers (Carpenters/Plumbers etc)

Looking for a carpenter? Plumber? Electrician?

There is hardly any piece of information available about these services on the web.

Local search players typically focus on commercial businesses and that’s where lies an opportunity to aggregate these daily-use service providers.

GreenMango, Hyderabad based startup aggregates information of service providers (currently available for Hyd only) and enables customers to directly reach out to (and rate/review) these providers – a concept of free marketplace (unlike Babajob which charges subscription fee to even show the contact numbers of service providers).

Small scale service providers like plumbers, electricians, tailors, etc. build GreenMango online profiles that include their contact information, services offered, years of experience and customer ratings and reviews. Customers can search through these profiles using the online interface at the site  or even contact the call center to have an associate help them with their search.

This is an interesting concept and even though GreenMango isn’t monetizing it’s information currently, there are ways to monetize a service like this once you have a critical mass of service providers.

The beauty of local search is that 80% of searches are related to lifestyle (and that’s why every other startup has got restaurants/pubs etc category), but customers are willing to pay for the rest of the 20% information – i.e. service providers (and that’s where Justdial makes huge amount of money).

Do give GreenMango a spin and share your comments.

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