Greece Fallout Forces This Startup To Change The Name

What’s in a name? A lot !

Grexit, the Bangalore based enterprise productivity startup has rebranded to Hiver, thanks to  Greece fallout.

Back in 2012, some consultants at CitiGroup decided to use the term GrexIt to refer to the likely phenomenon of Greece’s exit from the Eurozone. It was immediately picked up by journalists, who soon realized that there’s a company too with that name. Over the next two years, the term continued to get some attention on and off.

But nothing prepared us for what happened earlier this year (2015). Greece came very close to defaulting on its debt, and for a moment “GrexIt” looked imminent. Though it did not happen (and we strongly believe it never will), we decided its time to change our name, because:

1. With the term becoming more popular, we had a great deal of people getting confused about what we do.

2. The term GrexIt has a clearly negative connotation. We don’t want our product to be associated to a term that is looked upon negatively. [source]

Grexit has now rebranded to Hiver, a name derived from bee hives.Hiver-logo

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