Taggle – Just another Group Buying startup..or maybe something Bigger [Team]

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Taggle – Just another Group Buying startup..or maybe something Bigger [Team]

The whole concept of Group Buying has been done to death in India. Only as a concept and not as a business. There are close to 7 Group Bargain Sites in India (new ones being added every week) and one of the last player to enter this market is a Bangalore based startup, Taggle.

The concept remains the same, i.e. discounts based on group buying – but what matters with Taggle is the team.taggle logo

Taggle has three cofounders, John Kuruvilla, Ujjwal Tickoo and Tej Arora.

John has been a marketer/brand manager and has rich work experience working with companies like Air Deccan [he was the one to come out with some of the key distribution concepts] as well as Oberoi and Deccan Charters (interestingly, he conceptualized the ‘Humara Bajaj’ campaign as well) Similarly, Ujjwal has been into Product Management [at Yahoo/mChek] and Tej earlier founded BrandAdda.

What’s interesting about Taggle is that the team brings in diverse skill set [Marketing, Product, Tech] and has hired Business Development person from Sodexho.

Taggle is in the final lap of fund raising (from US investors )and will be officially launched by June end.

As we have been covering group buying sites, one of the thing that jitters me is that it has become trendy to start one’s own group buying site (or rather Groupon clone). Many of the group buying sites in India even use the same FAQs/images that Groupon has and lack of market insight shows up with some of the product.

The one that can make a mark in this industry is a company that understands the concept of (unused) inventory, create consumer brand, crack distribution and of course, cut enterprise deals.

Taggle is surely going to be an interesting play. As far as current feedback is concerned, I am not sure whether it really makes sense to have a statement like this on one’s website

This contest is a vehicle for us to build a member base prior to launching our Group Buying initiative in June 2010.

Site visitors do not care so much about the intent of a contest. They just want to win something.

What’s your take?

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