Startup AppVirality Brings Growth Hacking Tools For Mobile App Developers

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Startup AppVirality Brings Growth Hacking Tools For Mobile App Developers

The game is getting tougher for mobile app developers – apart from app discovery and lack of great monetization challenges, the biggest piece of puzzle that they need to solve is of cracking traction. Hyderabad based App Virality aims to solve this with growth hacking tools meant for app developers.

AppVirality CoFounder, Laxman
AppVirality CoFounder, Laxman @UnPluggd

Companies are implementing different growth hacking techniques to grow organically. Dropbox rewards its users with 125 MB more space to follow on twitter or FB , Uber rewards $10 each if somebody refers their friends. Ebay actively runs sweepstakes to promote its marketplace.

These companies achieved more than 60% of their growth in initial days through these techniques, and even today 35% of signups at Dropbox come from the same very simple growth hack they implemented 4 yrs back.

But only established companies like these take the growth hacking part seriously, rest ignore the fact that growth hacking could help them grow organically. There are 2 fundamental reasons behind why they ignore it. One : the same Dropbox or Uber’s technique might not work for your business. Two it takes lot of time and money to build all that infrastructure to implement those techniques.

That’s when App Virality can help app developers to figure out the right growth hack and implement without having to write a single line of code.

We do the A/B testing, mine the data and recommend them the right growth hack at every state of the company.

Using AppVirality (currently in closed beta), one can build in-app giveaways as well as in-app leads, track influencers to boost the download/engagement. The app is currently in closed beta.

Watch Laxman, cofounder of AppVirality launch the product at UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup conference.

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