GSF and MIT partner for a cross-border startup exchange program

GSF India and MIT’s Global Startup Labs (GSL) have announced a cross-border startup exchange. This partnership will enable Boston-based GSL startups to expand into India’s emerging market with hands-on support from GSF’s mentor network and core accelerator team, as well as colocation at GSF offices in four Indian hubs. GSF’s startups will in turn gain access to MIT’s mobile technology expertise as exchange residents at the institute in Boston.gsf

In addition to the startup exchange, GSF will welcome a selection of MIT PhD students to mentor GSF startups at each GSF accelerator base in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. MIT PhD students will be selected from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as well as the Sloan School of Management. Rajesh Sawhney, founder of GSF, will become a mentor for GSL startups with frequent visits to campus.

Since its founding in 2000, MIT’s Global Startup Labs, erstwhile known as Accelerating Information Technology Innovation (AITI), has sent more than 160 MIT students to fourteen emerging countries — eight in Africa, two in Latin America, and four in Asia — to train more than 1,600 undergraduates through a 6-8 week mobile tech start-up incubation program.

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