GSF launches Global Accelerator Program

GSF Accelerator has gone global with the launch of GSF Global Accelerator. 12 high-tech startups will be selected for the program: 8 from India and the rest through its strategic alliance partners in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa.gsf

These startups will join us on a journey of 12 weeks that will begin in India and end in the Silicon Valley. The objective of the GSF Global Accelerator Program is to provide a world-class platform for Indian and emerging world tech entrepreneurs to incubate, develop, and establish themselves in global markets. GSF wishes to pioneer cross-border entrepreneurship and integrate the Indian start-up ecosystem to the most important tech hubs in the world.

GSF which had a gala run with its portfolio, Little Eye Labs acquisition by Facebook will have 4 stopovers as part of the global accelerator program. Starting in mid-April in India, the team will spend 4 weeks with GSF mentors and advisors in Delhi and Bangalore; followed by 2 weeks in Singapore at ‘The HUB’; then 2 weeks in a leading digital hub on the east coast of North America and the final 4 weeks in the Silicon Valley.

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