Introducing: GrowthTalkies Season 2. Learn from the top 1% Growth Marketers and Leaders.


The time has come for the startup ecosystem to talk more of growth and retention (than just funding) and here is presenting GrowthTalking season 2 to you!

Meet #GrowthTalkies, 5-weeks program on growth and retention wherein we bring you actionable growth and product advice from some of the best growth marketers and leaders!

GrowthTalkies: Season 2 details

Every Tuesday and Saturday at your chai time, i.e. 5 PM, we will bring you the top 1% product and growth minds to share their growth playbook – in the most intimate form, i.e. audio!

In partnership with WebEngage and FWD app, GrowthTalkies brings you speakers that brings you not just the right practical wisdom, but a lot more actionable perspectives on different aspects of growth.

Checkout the partial list 😎

More speakers will be announced soon (and if you are somebody with a strong experience growth function – do apply as a speaker).

Grab your season pass

Hint: It’s free 🙂