GTalk and Yahoo Messenger to be made interoperable

[Guest post by Raghu, who saw the interoperablility details slide at Google/Yahoo ad-deal site. Not sure whether this is an old news or something new..]

Yahoo Messenger and GTalk will be made interoperable and users will be able to exchange IMs, see friend’s online presence and add contacts from either service to their friend’s list. – source

What sort of interoperability do you think will work?

Yahoo and MSN announced interoperability in 2005 and frankly speaking, it wasn’t very helpful. The basic challenge with the interoperability is that you need to add MSN friends to existing Yahoo contacts (and vice versa), and that defies the very logic of why people use different IM clients (they have different people on diff. IMs, relating to different intents – like college friends, office friends etc).

What’s your take?

It seems, GTalk will be made interoperable with MSN messenger as well.

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