Startup Guesswork Brings Machine Learning To CRM [Predict Customer Intent]

guessworkCloud has changed the way applications are delivered and consumed. With users across the world, cloud apps have amassed huge amounts of data about its users and their transactions – popularly known as Big Data.

Newer breed of apps use machine learning to analyse this data and offer intelligent applications, a trend more common among consumer apps (Eg. Google Now, Siri, Mailbox).

Startup Guesswork which is built on top of Google Prediction API aims to help CRM companies predict customer intent using the data stored in CRM. With that, CRMs can assist sales teams to sell better, instead of being a record keeping system.

“Google predicts customer intent with a few keywords in search box and delivers relevant search results and advertisements. Compare this with the CRMs that sits on a wealth of information about its customers, yet doesn’t understand its customers. Currently, sales teams do all the heavy lifting to make CRMs useful.” says Mani Doraisamy. “The next big CRM will be the one that leverages its [big] data and assists sales teams to understand customers and sell better.”

Guesswork : How Does It Work

Guesswork CRM
Guesswork CRM

Guesswork builds customers’ persona using the social footprint customers have left on the internet. This is combined with data in the CRM such as newsletter clicks and customer inquiries to accurately predict customer intent. By understanding intent, you can target the right customer with the right message. For example, marketers can create personalized campaigns for each customer and sales teams can prioritize qualified leads while following up.

Mani Doraisamy says that it can even understand customer inquiries and automatically respond to them, going into the realm of artificial intelligence. They are able to do this by combining Google’s machine learning algorithm with their own proprietary rule engine that understands the semantic meaning of inquiries. They also provide built-in templates for CRM use cases to get started and provide REST based API to make it easier to integrate with CRM.

Guesswork has been in private beta for the last 6 months with 3 customers. The product is now available for public (free version allows you to create 5 projects and make 1000 predictions per month).

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