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Great game for music buffs!

Guitarati has launched an interesting online musical game (link) based on the ever popular game of antakshiri.

In order to play the game, enter your name,invite your friends (or if you want, you can play with the robot as well) – the game works on your ability to recall songs starting with a given letter of the alphabet.

Here is how it works:

1. On your turn, a random letter is assigned to you. You think of a song that begins with that letter and play it.
E.g. Madonna’s Burning Up song Don’t put me off ’cause I’m on fire would be a correct choice if the letter is D.
2. If your opponent thinks you picked a wrong song for that letter, they can raise objection.
3. If objected to, you can accept objection or sort it out over chat if you think the objection is invalid.
4. If objection is invalid, your opponent may withdraw objection. You get your points and no one gets hurt.
5. If you cannot think of a song starting with the assigned letter, you can pass turn. You miss points.
6. If you cannot think of a song before your turn expires, you lose turn, miss points.
7. Game ends when 12 turns have been used up.

Games are sourced from socionets and other sites:

These days DRM-free music streaming is becoming more and more easily available through various social networks and other top websites. This game is our attempt towards putting this vast reserve of music to innovative and unconventional use. This game also aids music discovery. When someone recollects a song to play in this game, they are likely doing so because that song had struck a chord with them. So this would result in a playlist not from an automated algorithm but personal recommendations from the players themselves.

The game is in beta state and has some rough edges – but overall, its an interesting play.

Do give Guitarati a spin and share your comments.

Musical games are in vogue and apart from Kreeda’s DanceMela, FXLabs has also launched an arcade game called Dance Challenge, to be played at shopping malls, Multiplexes, Resorts, Amusement parks and Health Clubs etc.

The kiosk will enable gamers to play the game either through the console keys or through an exclusive metal dance pad. The players have the option of enjoying the game in single and double player mode. – source

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