Gurgaon Women – Bikxie Launches Pink. Two Wheeler Service Only For Women


Gurgaon Women – Bikxie Launches Pink. Two Wheeler Service Only For Women

Two-wheeler taxi service provider, Bikxie has launched its women-only service Bikxie Pink in Gurgaon.


Bikxie Pink offers a fleet of Scooties driven only by women drivers. Bikxie Pink will initially be rolled out with five women drivers and the fares will be the same as the Bikxie service for men. The women drivers will be given same comprehensive training and screened via the same police verification process that the male drivers undergo.

Mohit Sharma, Co-Founder & Chief Executive officer, Bikxie, said, “At Bikxie, we are driven by a single-minded focus on making last mile connectivity absolutely seamless and safe for everyone. Bikxie Pink has been launched as a move in the same direction. We understand that our women passengers may not always be comfortable riding pillion to a male driver. They now have the choice to opt for a vehicle with a woman driver and get to their destination safely and comfortably.”

Bikxie also offers other safety features including feeding in an emergency contact and also has an SOS button.

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  1. Excellent and Innovative Idea.Need to see how far this succeeds from earnings perspective…

  2. kadapa prasad

    Does this use the same existing roads or any special roads dedicated to women are laid? Because 2 women (driver and passenger) are still not safe on the roads, where rapists are hunting for women.

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