Guruji founders – ‘Make sure everyone in the company breathes your passion’

Think of an Indian search engine and the first name that comes to one’s mind is Guruji.

Started by IIT D graduates, Guruji aims to be the ‘Google of India’!

“Basically, the Guruji story is very different from the Google story. We are focused on being the preferred search destination for Indians, while Google is not…
We have a vision to serve Indians with the best search engine. Focus is our edge: for Google the world is the market and they want to make sure they serve the global audience; whereas, for us, the Indian consumer is the target

But the strange part is that Guruji is funded by Sequoia, who also funded Google!

“Sequoia plays a role consistent with what an investor plays in building a company. The people from Sequoia who are involved with Guruji are different from those involved with Google, so there are no conflicts between us.”

[Read the entire interview @ HinduBusinessline] On Guruji’s montetization model:
Revenue model would be based on monetising keywords being searched for.
“This model has been proven globally and we expect it to gain a lot of popularity among Indian advertisers as well.” – Gaurav Mishra.

Future plans:
“We have a mobile strategy that we are actively working on. We realise fully well that mobile penetration is much greater than Net penetration in India and we are working aggressively to launch a comprehensive mobile search solution. You should be seeing some interesting announcements regarding this in the next few months.”

Are there plans to go beyond indexing sites, like tying up with libraries and Universities?
“Yes, that is very much part of our plan but we are more focused on the immediate needs of the Indian consumer, for whom even basic city data was not available online till we launched the city version.”

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