Guruji launches Image Search – Few qns on long term game plan?

Guruji has launched image search enabling users to search for image with touch of ‘Indian-ness’.

‘Selecting the right set of pictures and ordering them to satisfy the need on the user’s mind is a complex research problem..

Our image crawlers scour the web for candidate images and our complex ranking algorithm takes into account many factors like relevance, Indian-ness, size and quality of images before presenting the results to our users.
Other important factors like the context in which the image occurred on the web and the recency of the image are also factored in.’- blog

The image search has been seeded with explore page that has image from few categories like Actors, Actresses, Bikes/Cars etc. – overall, good stuff, but here are a few question for ye all:

Qn to Guruji team – how long do you plan to stay in beta? – Core product is expected to be in out of beta asap and Guruji has been in the business for almost 2 years.

Qns to readers – Do you use Guruji search? What feedback do you have for them?

As far as I am concerned, I am not sure of what intent are they trying to capture – they have web/movie/music and even city search (lacks relevance) – and somehow, all of these pertain to different users’ intents. And the core, i.e. web search just doesn’t stands out.

What’s your take on Guruji?

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