Is Guruji Dropping Music Search?

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Is Guruji Dropping Music Search?

Guruji started as a India specific search engine, but later found its mojo (sort of) in Music search. As of writing this article, the music search has been removed from the main page.


The service is still active though (, but not accessible from the main page (has no mention in robots.txt file).

Given that music search is by far the most successful product from Guruji, I am not sure why it has been removed from the main page (guruji killed its finance service a few months back).

Is Guruji phasing out music search? Is T-series lawsuit playing a role here? What’s your take?

Aside, Guruji has launched Adiquity, a mobile ad platform.

[Hat tip: iabhishek]

Update: Guruji has shut down its music search.

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