Has Guruji Found it’s Mojo?

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Has Guruji Found it’s Mojo?

Updated: Feb 15th, 2011 Guruji  Has Shut Down The Music Search

One of the earliest post of pluGGd.in was whether India needs a National Search Engine – and my argument was whether India focused search engine is really relevant and can it compete with Google/Yahoo of the world?

Guruji, one of the earliest India focused search engine after trying out several products seems to have found it’s mojo – in its music search product (T-series sued them for this).

In terms of traffic, Guruji shows an impressive growth curve – though they seem to be investing heavily on Google adwords, the traffic has seen sustenance over a period of time (1.7mn UUs/20mn total visits in Feb’09)

guruji traffic - fat lady is singing
guruji traffic - fat lady is singing

Guruji’s ad network has bagged advertisers like eBay, MMT, Apnaloan etc – but I am not at all sure how many publishers use Guruji (what’s the compelling case to switch from Google to Guruji?)

All said and done, do you think Guruji’s music search will keep the boat afloat? What’s your opinion?

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