GYANA: This AI Startup Finds Top 10 World Leaders Most Similar to Trump


GYANA subtracts your need to hire a data scientist to analyze complex sets of data or emerging trends affecting your business.

It uses AI to produce trends, rare data sets, correlation between data – all of this in a format that a 10-year-old can use.

Top 10 World Leaders Most Similar to Trump

Gyana took 1000 of the world’s most prominent leaders and collated all of the speeches, quotes and articles and applied their AI to identify patterns to produce a fascinating top 10 of the most similar leaders to trump.


Currently a B2B app, the makers want to turn it into a direct app, that individuals can use.

“For example, you can use the app to monitor your mood, your own emotions. The app will force people to have high integrity, employees can no longer lie, things will be revolutionised.”

Location: London


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