HackerEarth Wants to Be Where Developers Hangout, Find Jobs & Connect

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HackerEarth Wants to Be Where Developers Hangout, Find Jobs & Connect

If you are a developer, you probably want to hang out with others like you. Facebook and Twitter are grossly inadequate for this

Head over to HackerEarth, a community of developers where developers of all kinds can connect with each other, find other like minded developers and discover exciting job opportunities.

HackerEarthOn HackerEarth, you can practice your coding skills, participate in hiring challenges or simply follow others to see what they are up to. It lets you create a neat profile, which is a snapshot of your coding skills, by pulling data from various sources like StackExchange or GitHub once you permit them.

Creating a profile by allowing HackerEarth to fetch a developer’s information from sites like Github allows them to map a developer’s interests and skills and suggest like minded people to connect with. It also helps them suggest relevant job opportunities.

You can also follow others or be followed on the network.

The company wants to create the ‘largest community’ of developers where developers from different domains/verticals can connect with each other, solve interesting problems and discover exciting job opportunities, its co-founder Sachin Gupta tells me.

It has plans to provide more interesting problems/challenges on its platform covering topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data.

On the other side, it helps startups and businesses hire tech talent. Using the data shared by developers on the platform, it suggests relevant candidates to recruiters and relevant jobs to developers.

“We have helped companies like InMobi, Freshdesk, Practo close multiple positions through HackerEarth,” said Sachin.

The startup has 6 people working for it and is looking to double the team size quickly.

Startup Interviewstreet, which recently rebranded to Hackerrankx, is one of the platforms that provides similar services to recruiters.

More often than not, the right candidate is a mix of great attitude and skills. Platforms that address only the the skill part, are often less than effective. As of now, developers might have to be nudged to go create a profile and use it. What’s important for HackerEarth to fix is the engagement strategy for developers who get hired and have very little interest left in HackerEarth  or the Hackerearth id/profile (the developer would still be active in StackExchange).

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