Programmer Hiring Platform HackerRank Secures $9.2 mn Series B Funding


Programmer Hiring Platform HackerRank Secures $9.2 mn Series B Funding

hackerrankRecruitment platform HackerRank has raised $9.2 mn in series B funding from Khosla Ventures and Battery Ventures.

Angel investor Peeyush Ranjan, Greg Badros the VP Engineering at Motorola Mobility and Dan Rubinstein have also invested in the company.

The company has raised a total of $12.4 mn in funding now.

HackerRank was earlier known as InterviewStreet. In December 2013, it rebranded to HackerRank. It combined the two brands the company has built : HackerRank (coding challenges) and InterviewStreet (hiring solution).

At the time, HackerRank said it had a community of 150,000+ programmers and InterviewStreet had 1,000+ paying customers.  HackerRank was the first Indian company to make it to Y Combinator

We’d partnered with HackerRank to offer its hiring platform to Indian startups who have received under $3 million in funding or are earning under $1 million in revenue. The plan is free for Indian Startups.

Here are some additional details Vivek Ravisankar, the co-founder at HackerRank shared with us.

  • Revenues are doubling every quarter and we grew by 11x since last year
  • The growth in the community of hackers is also catching up the revenue growth and will most likely exceed in a quarter or two from now
  • We’re expanding like crazy and signing up a ton of Fortune 1000 companies + growing the hacker community; this year will be huge for us.

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