Hacking Google ChatBack widget


Hacking Google ChatBack widget

Last night, I enabled Google ChatBack and one of the readers, Raxit did an interesting hack. He took the source code, copied the ChatBack script/code and published that in his site.


It seems anybody can copy other’s widgets and have a “Chat with Ashish Sinha” widget installed on the site (see this example).

So what? Isn’t that true for any script that one installs on site/blog?

Well, it depends. It depends on what script are you playing with? Why? Because any porn site can host “Talk with Michael Arrington” widget..infact anybody can run a bot and harvest other’s GTalk id. Worst, any bot can collect the code across sites and start spamming !

I may not be techie enough to understand what can potentially go wrong, but one thing is for sure – GTalk id is my Google Account id and I wouldn’t want to take any sorts of risk for a service which is just not worth the associated spam.

I’d still prefer MeeboMe!

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