Twitter Trends Hacked In India – Make Anything Trend With A Single Tweet

[Editor’s Note – We have decided not to reveal this hack as we believe Twitter trending topic is too good a tool to be exploited by mass users who have shown signs of being irresponsible in the past. Read on if you think you can crack this hack with the clues below. We will reach out to Twitter and walk them through the process.]

It all started as a general twitter conversation with a friend on “Why is Ekta Kapoor trending on Twitter?“. To my surprise there were roughly about 40-50 tweets on Ekta Kapoor and almost all were talking about why is it trending, stating that they tweeted only when it was already trending, hence not contributing to get it up there. Over the weeks I noticed similar stuff with other trending topics as well. (For the uninitiated – Ekta Kapoor is a popular Indian TV soap Producer/Director)

I discovered one possible reason and tried to trend my name ‘naman’ using that trick. After continuous failed attempts I noticed that ‘naman’ is a common word in Philippines and such common word do not trend. Things like “born this day” may not trend as these are common words but “bornthisday” is a new string for Twitter and is easier to trend.

The trick that I discovered did not work even when I tried trending another word ‘Sarawagi’. Though after repeated attempts I had reasons to believe that the reason for failure was something else this time. Finally, on Saturday when I saw a weird trending topic “Tharanga” is when the hack struck me. Although it was a popular topic that hour due to Sri Lanka – England Cricket match but what’s weird was that “Dilshan” was equally talked about in all tweets and even more because he was awarded man of the match but Dilshan wasn’t trending.

"Tharanga" trending on Twitter but not "Dilshan"

I applied the same discovery here and was able to trend “Sarawagi” with just 2 tweets. Though that trend lasted for only about 15-20mins. Just enough for me take a screenshot to show off :).

"Sarawagi" trending on Twitter. Dad will be proud 😛

For now the editor of this blog does not allow me to reveal the hack but if you wish to participate in the next experiment and learn the hack this is what you need to do. Leave a comment with your twitter ID, follower count, city and whether you use the native twitter web app or any other mobile based app. We will contact some of you and include you in the next experiment. In public interest we will keep the experiments late night or early morning, so as to not bother fellow tweeples with all the test tweets.

In the meanwhile, let me find out if any brand owner is ready to pay $$s for this. 😉

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Update (1/4/2011): The hack has been finally revealed here.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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