Security Experts Find Command Servers for Spyware in India & Other Countries

Imagine a spyware sitting inside your mobile phone, listening to your conversations, taking pictures, logging your activity and location and sending it to a remote server? A spy’s wet dream right? This is possible. And it is happening right now even in countries like India.

Security experts have found that Italian spyware maker Hacking Team has at least 5 command servers located in India, among other countries like the United States and China.

The experts at Kaspersky Lab published the results of their latest findings in which they found that the spyware called Remote Control System (RCS) made by the Hacking Team is being used in several countries.


The largest amount of such identified servers were in US, Kazakhstan and Ecuador, the said the report.

Several IPs (of command and control servers) were identified as “government” related based on their WHOIS information and they provide a good indication of who owns them.

That is, law enforcement agencies might be using them for advanced surveillance.

Among other things, the RCS is capable of monitoring and logging web browsing, keystrokes, documents, chat and IM, e-mail, remote audio spying, camera snapshots etc. Earlier, traces of evidence was found that a spyware called FinSpy is also being used by law enforcement agencies in India.

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