Haiku Meets Twitter on a Nanoblogging Service, Hycku

Bored with just plain vanilla status updates in microblogging sites? Are you looking to express yourself in more poetic way to the world?  Do you think 140 character is too short for you?

If you say yay, well check out Hycku, new service launched by Indian developer Vasanth. Hycku’s nano-blogging platform is inspired by Japanese haiku, a poetical form that has people expressing the way they feel in just 7 words. On Hycku, you have maximum limit of 7 word to express yourself or answer “Whatz up?

Hycku - Twitter meets Haiku
Hycku - Twitter meets Haiku

Though Hycku updates allow 255 characters, you can only use 7 words! In terms of product features, it follows the same model as Twitter – i.e. you can follow other users and send them public/private messages. If you are sharing link, you can use maximum 6 word, however sharing image doesn’t penalizes you on using the seven words.

An interesting idea – the key for such hacks to go viral is to bring in either a few celebrity users or ensure that the hyckus are shared across one’s social network as well. Most importantly, targeting a few niche communities like poets etc. would be more useful than a large chunk of userbase, who are already on Twitter/Facebook.

Here is a quick QnA with Hycku developer, Vasanth V:

Pluggd.in: What platform have you used to build this? Is it developed from scratch or ..?

Vasanth: It is built using LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP). Yes off-course it is 100% custom built from scratch.

Pluggd.in: Future plans?

Vasanth: Currently we are concentrating on attracting more users. In future it is gonna be a quick communication platform. Twitter has now become a news sharing site, we are planning to be as a communication platform where users can have chat with one on one, one on group or one on globe.

Do give Hycku a spin and share your haikus!

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