FYI : Haldirams FY15-16 revenue is more than the combined revenue of Domino’s and McDonalds


While Indian foodtech startups are still trying to find out the tech in food, snacks maker Haldiram’s FY15-16  revenue has crossed Rs. 4,000 crores.

Raj Kachori @Haldiram
Raj Kachori @Haldiram (Image credits : Puneet Batra, Wikimedia)

This is twice the size of Hindustan Unilever’s packaged food division or Nestle’s Maggi and larger than the Indian turnover of the two American fast food rivals Domino’s and McDonald’s put together (via).

And then, we say Indians just copy paste business models from the west.

Maybe time for tech startups to derive inspiration from traditional businesses?

Image credits : Puneet Batra, Wikimedia

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