Hand-drawn Caricatures Meets Digital Cousin at Graphicurry, an Online Shop for Art Lovers

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Hand-drawn Caricatures Meets Digital Cousin at Graphicurry, an Online Shop for Art Lovers

A classic John Travolta poster or a portrait of characters from a favourite sitcom, like Big Bang Theory, is not less than an asset for a diehard fan. Try Graphicurrystore.com, it features the latest wall hangings and fridge magnets of the famous movies, T.V shows and music bands.graphiccurry

In early 2011, Prasad Bhat started an art & design studio by the name of “Graphicurry Digital Art” for a niche cult of Indian users. What differentiated this artist and his venture among the crowd was his DIGITAL style of drawing, the characters and the theme, and the detailed thoughts that goes in each of his work. Graphicurry sells hand-drawn digital caricatures by Prasad. Now that’s a bit strange, hand drawn and digital at the same time?

Prasad has specialized in this vector style of art where he uses Adobe Illustrator to draw the designs, which are then printed on Sun board, Vinyl and Magnets. The company has gained popularity among the youth and working class of Indian population. Currently, the startup has designs in three categories i.e., Movies, T.V Shows and Music. Caricatures of famous characters from sitcoms like Games of Thrones, of movies like Hangover and of music bands like The Beatles, all which has a fan following is made by Prasad.

Recently, the Bangalore based startup went online. The website features close to 44 artworks and 9 magnets and is witnessing close to 300 visitors daily. On an average it is doing 10 to 15 transactions a day with the average price ticket of Rs 575. That number of transactions in less than a month of going online is pretty cool. The reason for such high user engagement on the portal is the fan following that the design studio has built over the course of past three years (Facebook page has more than 13,000 likes).


Until now, the art studios was using Facebook page as a platform for providing latest info about the upcoming pop up stores, new art designs and stuff like that, no wonder if it is one of the key reasons to drive traffic on the portal.

George Alex who takes care of Business Development & Digital Marketing says, “We spend quite a lot on social media and it is working well with us”. On the first day of launch of the website we saw more than 20 transactions, the reason is lot of our fans want us to sell online, he said.

Interestingly, Prasad is the only artist in the company, hence all editions are limited and exclusive. Sun board paintings and fridge magnets are of low cost, starting from Rs 500 and Rs 200 respectively while the vinyl ones goes up to Rs 10,000.

Cash on Delivery is available only in Bangalore with additional shipping fee of Rs 25, for elsewhere in India, Rs 50 are charged as shipping fee.


Graphicurry is a classic example of multichannel retailing, evolving online after creating its presence through non digital mediums. Earlier, the brand used to sell through retail outlets, Pop up shops and by exhibiting in related events like Kitsch Mandi (Bangalore), NH7 Weekender, Comic Con India. Though, startup in online now, it will keep its omnichannel presence, says George.

The website will introduce mugs and exclusive section in weeks to come, to expand the product line. Another Indian startup which has products on the similar lines is Chumbak, It started with fridge magnets and now has items such as T-shirts, coin cases, mobile covers, laptop bags and many others, which comes with a printed text or design.

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