Business Expense Management Made Easy With The Happay-RBL Bank VISA Card

No more tedious form fillings to report and approve expenses

Business expense management solutions firm Happay has tied up with RBL Bank to launch the ‘happay Business Expense VISA Card’ that allows businesses to easily record expenses and manage accounts.
Happay RBL Bank Expense Managament
The system allows organizations to replace their manual business expense management systems with VISA cards that can auto-record and classify expenses on mobile as well as automate expense reporting and approval.
The happay Business Expense VISA Card consists of a card that can be controlled remotely via a mobile app or web platform, with the benefits of real-time visibility and tighter control over business and employee spend.
Employees will be able to report and record expenses on the go, while giving the management the visibility and control over how and where money is spent.
While numerous organizations can save by using the technology, the company says it has proved to be immensely beneficial  for firms with a dispersed workforce.

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