Happiness Bars Brings Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Online, Well Almost

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Happiness Bars Brings Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Online, Well Almost

happiness BarsChocolates are something most of us like in many different forms and types, but all of us have a favorite whether it be milk chocolate, dark chocolate, fruit & nuts of any of the many other varieties available.

Imagine if you could make your own chocolate bar, with your own favorite ingredients? No this is not a scene from “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate factory”, but what Bangalore based website Happiness Bars actually can do for you.

The service will let you choose from over 60 different toppings to add to your chocolate bar, and these toppings range from nuts, candies to the more unusual herbs, spices and many other. You can even add potato chips as a topping, even though might be an extreme choice for some.

You can make this custom chocolate bar of yours in 3 simple steps

  • First you need to choose a chocolate type for your bar (Dark, Milk or white).

  • Next you need to choose the toppings you want, from over 60 ingredients, to add to the chocolate bar.

  • Now you can ship this custom chocolate bar you created to anywhere in India.

Your custom orders are shipped within 48 Hrs.

The company has been serving their custom chocolate bar products to other businesses for sometime now. Happiness Bars founder Satvik Shahapur says, “Till now we have been predominantly in the B2B space offering custom made chocolate gifting options to our clients. Since these orders were in large quantities, we were able to customize it to our clients needs.”

However customizing for individual customers was not cost effective. This led them to rework the manufacturing model to suit catering to individual customers while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Happiness Bars Favourites

The service launched 3 weeks back has been seeing a good amount of traffic and also some customers are said to be returning for more. They only way they have been spreading the word is through their Facebook page and they already have 150 registered users.

Some of the popular combinations are already listed on the favorites page on the portal, some of these flavors are Tropical Island bar, Wake Up bar and Candyland bar. the service also offers gift bundles in various flavor combinations.

You can also custom bulk order chocolate bars for weddings and as an addition you can add an edible image, wedding dates or even a picture of you on them. Similar custom options are also available for corporate gifting purposes.

You can buy a plain bar of chocolate starting from Rs 166. the prices increase as you go on adding toppings.

In the future the service plans to add more ingredients, along with some unusual ones for the ones of you willing to experiment with the flavour palette. They will also be adding a more interactive user interface for ordering the chocolate along with an option to preview look of the bar you created.

The idea of custom made desserts seem to be catching up. Premium ice cream company Hokey Pokey, which raised seed funding last month,  gives customers an option customize their ice creams. Another Hyderabad based portal Lovelychocos offers a similar service.

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