Stop By and Say ‘Happy Birthday’ [Th3ee]

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are three years old today and I’d like to walk you through some of the interesting things we did in 2009 (will keep it short and simple).

To tell you honestly, was started as a ‘just another thing I wanted to do’ in life (others being photography, consulting and bullet-ing) and while I moon-lighted the first 2 years, there was a time to decide –

What next?Do I really want this to be ‘just another thing’ or “Take to next level’?

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In 2009, I moved full-time to run, started looking for co-authors and found an awesome lot (and we are in a constant lookout for awesome people).

The Entrepreneurial Journey

“So, what do you do?”

– that’s the toughest question I have been asked by whole lot of people (right from family to outsiders like a school principal, who wasn’t convinced that ‘somebody running a website can pay school fee for his kid’). It’s difficult to explain what I really do, as blogging is still considered ‘part time/hobby’ activity (more on my entrepreneurial journey later).

So What Next?

Going forward, we want to focus more on entrepreneurship/strategy related articles and cover a wider spectrum of content. On a personal note, I am planning to publish a book as well. won’t be a blog anymore, though we will remain a blog-styled website (in terms of articles/content/analysis). In 2010, we are setting up a few new businesses and plan to expand in related areas, keeping our core DNA intact, i.e. add value to the entrepreneurial community.

– If you have suggestions/feedback for us, do share (in the comment section or just shoot me an email: ashish at pluggd dot in).

– If you see a common focus and have suggestions on how we can do business together, just drop me an email (ashish at pluggd dot in).

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