Haptik Brings Device Help, The Whatsapp For Your Tech Support Needs


Haptik Brings Device Help, The Whatsapp For Your Tech Support Needs

HaptikIf you are one among the millions who get pissed off when the customer care puts you on hold, you will love this new service. Device Help, is an app to chat with device experts for tech support for your smartphones, tablets, computers and consoles.

The chats are in plain text and can be typed into the app built by Mumbai based startup Haptik Inc. You will get to talk to an expert who are either directly employed by Haptik or volunteers. Haptik was founded by Aakrit Vaish, the former director of Flurry India.

Device Help is a precursor to what Haptik will ultimately become, said Vaish.

The device help services is free and the company doesn’t have any plans to charge users for the services currently. “Our business model down the line is through some form of advertising, and by helping companies directly connect with their users,” said the company.

Once you download and register your user details, you can pick from different brands like Apple or Samsung to ask questions. You could either pick from a predefined set of questions or write a new question for an expert.

We think this is a great service with a strong value proposition to the consumer as well as to the business. For consumers, it is an alternate channel of communication as well as something which can be dealt with at their own time.

For businesses, this would mean lesser number of calls to their call centers. E-mail and chat support is a cheaper option. The only trouble is if you can’t really troubleshoot the device you are on with Device Help.

The app needs to fix some usability issues. For instance, when your soft keyboard comes up, it masks the typing area, making it impossible for you to see what you are typing. The app also crashes (repeatedly when you try certain things).

The app is currently available only in the US and India on Android and iOS.

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